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What's new in FIFA 19? - Summary of FIFA 19 news

The world famous football blockbuster - FIFA 19 is expected to create a new fever later this year. To compete with rival PES 2019 for the best football game of the year, will FIFA 19 add new features and improvements? Let's take a look.
There will be Champions League, Europa League!
Information has been officially confirmed, EA has copyrighted the image of 2 most prestigious tournaments of Europe club level for the first time in history. One news made all fans of this famous soccer game series all excited. Notably, this year, KONAMI has expired the copyright of these two tournaments. Therefore, this is definitely the most notable new point of FIFA and may be the key to FIFA 19 outperform PES 2019.
Journey to win the championship with The Journey: Season 3
Continuing the storyline unfinished on FIFA 17 and 18, The Journey this time can be a beautiful ending for Alex Hunter, Danny Williams, and Kim Hunter? Each hero will face many career choices and challenge football on the journey to reach the highest position. The player's mission is to help these 3 stars reach glory in the UEFA Champions League or in the international arena.

New mode in Kick-Off: Survival Mode
Survival Mode rules with every goal scored by a player in a match, they will have to choose a player to leave the field. The game will continue in this direction, as the amount of players on the pitch decreases, making the decision to always score goals become a more tactical effort.

It should also be noted that the addition of Survival Mode in FIFA 19 is not EA Sports's Battle Royale style approach to this game. Because a match will end if one of the two teams has less than 7 players on the field (similar to the real-life rule), rather than being reduced to the last one player.

In addition, Kick-Off also other modes such as Champions League, Home & Away, or Best Of Series ... Worth to wait and experience.
The Ultimate Team has improvements
The most popular mode in FIFA will increase competition with new tactical systems, weather effects, etc. New 19 FUT features include content directly from the UEFA Champions League, the entire battle mode. New online Division Rivals and more.
A little change in gameplay
 Active Touch System
The new Active Touch System fundamentally changes the way players get and kick the ball, providing more control, improved mobility, more creativity and increased player personalization. The individual skills of famous players like Neymar will also be made more accurate.
Flexible tactics
System redesign brings players many tactical execution tools, provides deep pre-match customization, as well as more options to refine the game. Each tactical approach combines formations, spirit and attack, defense, allowing you to easily customize the game in any situation.
 Timed Finishing
The feeling of scoring in the last minute will be much more special and wonderful. The celebrations of the players will also be more emotional.

Images and game graphics are fundamentally improved but generally still based on Frostbite, there will not be too much difference from FIFA 18. According to EA's speech, the weather effect is realistic and vivid. more could be a big change in FIFA 19.


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