One Stream To End It All - LIVE NOW



  • Mike_Pickford
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    BcfcDale88 wrote: »
    Which one?

  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Going with a bang!

    Good luck mate.
  • Keano
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    BcfcDale88 wrote: »
    Which one?


    Nice mate, shame it is but if you do ever come back, it's there atleast.
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    Diggy wrote: »
    I miss deal or no deal :(

    Sad to see you go @Mike_Pickford
  • SirSkinner
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    Azof wrote: »
    BiigDee wrote: »
    This is the tragic love affair of FIFA, how many good people are walking away from the game?? It’s Sad EA have left the game in its current state we can’t even have our voice heard now as your just warned and kept quiet.

    Playing the game feels like a jail sentence and here your treated like it’s a prison.

    Good luck going forward fella.


    Lol guys, you come on here because it becomes a habit. You became so used to reading this place you then come here naturally.

    As for op, you can still post here even if you don't like 19. No doubt you've become acquainted with people here over the years, no point just disappearing because you dislike a game.
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