FUT Champ's fixed

I claimed my 2 fut champs player pick's were i had the chose of 3 random players from
the 23 players from team of the week and to my amazement i got Gunn, Raul and Funes Mori in pack 2 i got the exact same player in exact same order the odds must be astronomical the pack are meant to be random this is not random at all it a fix


  • RexAnglo1066
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    edited January 10
    Statistically I would say it's almost impossible to get 3 players, in the same order, twice; about that you are quite correct.

    23 players is a big number, which must take the odds into the millions, surely?

    The only thing that makes sense is some kind of glitch their end.

    Am I right in thinking those red cards are untradeable so you can't even make some coins out of it?
  • Slazenger
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    You played all those WL games for that to happen, mate that would have been a new controller in my house. That is really sick.
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