Developers FIFA 19, that's what detail, there are moments in which the player who lost the ball, or by mistake or rebound, he also runs after him, even if there is a player closer, switching to another player does not roll the computer stupidly does not want to do it turns out that the nearest player to the ball should take the

Then when you finally solve the problem in the career coach mode, players lose rating, and must be pumped, tired of already stupid to play online, solve the problem already.

Next shoes, Yes, you say it's all nonsense, who looks at them, that angry people are really angry, well, if you remove something from the game duck replace all the cleats then your cleats from EA really pissed off.

Platform PC, the new year has arrived do some schools do not for the sake of this game I bought to see how you kosyachit, boiling!!!!!!!


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