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So I bought fifa 19 on my Nintendo switch, great love the game fifa, football is one of my biggest joys in life and to be able to play it without moving.... best game ever made;

however I am very disappointed with the Nintendo switch fifa19, the gameplay at times is smooth flowing and how they have worked it from the original playstation and xbox games there are many flaws. for starters the penalties.. has anyone in your tech team even played the game on a Nintendo switch device... of course you have, but why when shooting the opposite way to the original stance of a player do they suddenly spin on to there opposite foot at the last minute to hit across goal? also when on manager mode, why do my set formation and team sheets keep duplicating and overwriting the team sheet of another? the blatant fouls that happen but no free kick, some players cant even perform the most simple trick of rolling the ball left or right? im an amateur football at best in person and can do this... even in a competitive game. the computer seems to choose when you will lose or draw in one sense; I understand that if you challenge yourself you shouldn't win ever game.. agreed the season should be realistic but when you score a goal, get fouled then they instantly score back from the supposed computer mistake of not giving a foul. if the computer crosses the ball in the box, they score. also when the ball is in the air you don't get an automatic switch so your clicking through players as well as trying to get an action with that player in time to clear the ball.
My last real moan would be, no clear indication that 'the journey' is missing????? the main advertisement for fifa19 and you just forgot to add it on? its like buying half a product... mind you I did pay half price just after Christmas so theres no love lost there. but still pretty gutting to be honest FIFA team!!

Look, I love fifa as frustrating as these flaws can be, il continue to buy the game with my Nintendo switch as it is my preferred and only game station, so I look forward to fifa20 and to be honest I would much prefer to look forward to an update for this version i'm now to play until FIFA20.

my advice as a paying customer - including spending money on FUT (FUT I have no complaints about packs, or the in game set up) is play the game yourselves on every difficulty and find these flaws yourselves and fix them.

but again nothing has changed, fifa is the best football game apart from the game itself on a field with your pals. so let me play with my pals with no flaws?? or atleast do your best to. include the journey and make it what it should!

Thanks FIFA


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