certain time gameplays acceptable

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There being a certain time where it's not BS is BS in its self, but man, as soon as it gets peak time its tragic
not a single decent game where its equal.
There's clearly an AI advantage to one of the teams at times and AI defending and timed finesse is just tragic!

I mean timed finesse to start with... with the addition of terrible servers and button lag its so inconsistent at times. But the fact that if you get it in the green it's like a guaranteed goal no matter where you are is ridiculous!!

I'm going to be doing everyone a favour and not clog up the servers in FIFA 20, fifa18 and 19 have literally shown the companies true colours... can't really give them credit in any areas.

they've killed of sbc's
they've killed the draft
killed SB
and they've killed the entire gameplay on every patch
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