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100% PROOF Automation has killed off the Series

269 posts Sunday League Hero
Watch between 01:16 and 02:07 of my video. you can literally AIM BACKWARDS and score goals. How is that SKILL or Rewarding at all?? And before anyone jumps to argue against Manual... The game should at the very least be set to SEMI ASSISTED online. I realize not everyone wants to play manual BUT EA forced Tactical Defending down our throats. Why did they force skilled defending on us BUT don't want to do the same for the attacking part of the game??? The game is decent on Manual but complete nonsense with 99% Automation.

EA has to force all players to SEMI or the Series will continue to go downhill. It should be Manual but I realize not everyone is going to want that. This is why I propose for a SEMI level of comp online.


  • GoonerSoldier
    269 posts Sunday League Hero
    Made a shorter video that gets straight to the point. AUTOMATION = GAMEPLAY KILLER. The proof is in the puddin.

  • GoonerSoldier
    269 posts Sunday League Hero
    Bump. I want to know what all automatic players think about aiming backwards and scoring goals????? Is Semi Auto the way to go for all online comps? And will removing some automation make the gameplay better?
  • Tooner9
    300 posts Sunday League Hero
    That's just 1 of many problems tbh with gameplay, it's far from real anyway, with or without assisted there's many times where u aim is not where the ball goes even when staring at your anolog stick, who abuses the game mechanics and flaws make the best fifa players, u only need to watch the pro finals to see that, regular winner tekz even abuses it scoring 1st time timed finesse shots from 35+ yards whilst facing to dugouts haha, then a lot of them lose the minds if don't go in 'shouting how's he missed that it was green.....REALLY!?
  • tstuber
    25 posts Last Pick at the Park
    GoonerSoldier, I'm pissed about FIFA19 with all my heart. But to be honest - you are talking about a trainings mode. That does not represent a competitive mode!
    So in my point of view there is nothing really to complain about..
  • blue166
    563 posts An Exciting Prospect
    edited 1:12AM
    I'm lobbying for first time timed finesse to be seriously nerfed. It's pure stupid as it stands. What's next? Collecting magic potions while running to redeem a sprint boost...
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