Craziest glitch I've ever experienced, anyone had this before?

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So I'm playing a game of Div Rivals and everything is normal until the 20th min and it starts lagging uncontrollably, it pops up with the disconnect message and goes to the pause screen but the game doesn't end and I click resume match and was able to continue playing. Obviously thought that was a bit weird but carried on playing but then realised my players weren't sprinting when I was pressing it and were doing lob passes instead of shots then I realise that over my players it doesn't have my gamertag anymore but my opponents and although I'm still controlling my players somehow it has changed to my opponents button layout, I was unable to pause the game and when it got to half time the game just froze.

Anyone had this before or any idea what even happened? Honestly baffles me how things like this can happen.


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    sonnyfilth wrote: »
    You need to buy more fifa points :D

    Had something similar happen YEARS ago, but not exactly the same

    It's like a 1 in 10,000 game thing, just weird glitches lol

    Probably true, I don't tend to buy FIFA points so probably a sign :D

    It was bizarre, I mean I've had delay and disconnects before but the fact it came up with the disconnect message yet I was able to carry on and then my opponents name was above my players and I had to play the rest of the half on controls I never use for it to freeze at half time anyway is just weird :D
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