Baby best or neymar as RAM

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So i am thinking of switching my neymar in for baby Best. Do you guys think its worth it?

Also the price of prime Best dropped a descent amount, thinking of selling rtff kondog and replace him with nif fabinho will prob get me there after rewards. Any advise?

The team now:

potm Hazard Adp Neymar
Kante rtff Kondogbia
Totgs Alba Ramos Varane fb Juanfran


  • starfox1284
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    you should have sold Kondogbia two weeks ago when he was 500k.....I personally would just stick with Neymar, its probably a wash between him and Best.
  • gizzzzy
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    Kondogbia's cheapest bin is 497k now, so I think he'll go up after the crash. But I dont really care about value atm just looking for the best possible upgrade.
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