How to disable previous journey progress?

Hi all,

I've recently bought a playstation for the first time with fifa 19. I had an account on a friends playstation where fifa 18 was played with my account. Now the journey makes decisions based on fifa 18 progress, is there any way to turn this off? For example, it got me to real madrid because 'it was my dream club in fifa 18' but it isnt and now there is no way to go around. Any idea how to reset fifa 18 progress or disable the fifa 18 progress for fifa 19's journey?

Thnx in advance


  • DavidTrezeguet
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    On PC you can turn off SAVED DATA at Journey start if online, otherwise in offline is in off (disabled).
    Maybe the Real Madrid team you are asking for isn't related to old/previous J progress,
    but the Real will be your default Hunter team according to new 19 Story Mode.

    Play my friend because this year the Journey is very beautiful.
  • The saved data was turned off, however I know Real is a choice based on the fifa 18 progress because it shows it in the screen.
  • flcinusa
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    No, Real is forced upon you regardless of anything you did in 17 or 18
  • That's a shame. Well, thanks!
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