The state of the game by season 6....

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So for anyone who finds it impossible to get through more than 3/4 seasons (most of my saves end up that way)... i've managed to somehow find some enjoyment even into season 7. Here's some findings...

Playing as Palace for the first 3 seasons i was sacked towards the end of season 4... ended up at League 1 Southend who for some reason had a yearly transfer budget of 38mill with a wage budget of 58k (which equalled out to about 32mill at 100k wage). Really low board objectives except for finances (which makes a nice change, at Palace the objectives were getting ridiculously unreasonable).

So i spent 2 seasons just simming games.... the initial squad was rubbish (mainly mid/high 60's overall players all of which were 24+ years old)... following the realistic transfer system i ran at Palace i just went with whatever i wanted at Southend... irrelevant of overall or clubs the players were at, if i could afford it i would sign it.

So i firstly signed up all the decent free agent youths (at the start of season 5 there were some excellent 18/19/20 year old free agents... many who were 70+ overall with a few being 76+). I also bought up an 81 ovr striker for something like 25mill and pretty much blitzed season 5, finishing 2nd and being promoted... using the training sessions on the youngsters, i ended up by the end of that season with a squad of mostly 75 or better overall starting XI players.

But i digress, this isn't about the squad i had....

By the start of season 6, regens are rife.... Messi's regen (who i noticed was retiring right towards the end of season 5...) suddenly appeared.... at Stuttgart... which i didn't realise was possible.. i thought all regens re-appeared in the country they retired in. This however does seem to be an anomaly as what i expect are nearly all the other regens on the game have re-appeared at clubs in the country they retired in.

By season 6 you also get alot of auto-generated youth players at clubs... but this is where the issues start to appear. Regens generally have good work-rates (Ibrahimovic's for some reason was low/low however his regen was still 83 ovr by the time he was 23), but the youth players are really crappy... my shortlist must contain a good 50, 19 or younger, year olds. But i'd say a good 40 of them are low/medium or medium/low work-rates. Exactly zero of them are high/high and maybe 3 are high/low or low/high, and i've come across maybe 10/15 in total that are medium/medium... equally through about 70 scouted players 21 and younger i've seen about 5 players with a trait, and i think 3 of those were 'injury prone'... not seen 1 with 'flair', which is as big an issue with regens too, pretty much zero of them have traits too, the Messi/Lewandowski/Buffon/Thiago Silva/Ibrahimovic not 1 trait between them.

The game also starts to become really unbalanced. My Southend team are in the Championship and in season 6 (having had a look through the import tactics screens at other clubs in the championship) some teams are really overpowered, Reading who don't seem to do much at all have 5 players who are 83+ overall in their squad, Brentford have 4, 82+ players and West Brom who keep getting relegated and promoted have 2 who are 88+ and in total 8 of their starting XI are 80+. While in the Premier Huddersfield have only 2 players over 78 ovr!

There's also a bug from older FIFA's that i thought had been squashed but has reared it's head again, and that's club's who don't have a goalkeeper.... Hull played out the entire season 6 without a keeper, finished rock bottom with only 11pts in total and a goal difference of -104... start of season 7 and they still have no keeper! Which is ridiculous...

The final point to make is the free-gen youths... they make a mockery of the youth academy... when you (unless you start training them up before promoting them) can at best promote a youth academy player at maybe 65 overall at 18... these guys are on the free agents list at 74 overall+ with far superior physicals and (sometimes) excellent work-rates by comparison.... it's all very inconsistent and annoying.


  • This sounds about right. 7-8 seasons in I'm really enjoying the mess the ethnicity/race. How hard would it be to fix the coding where all African regens from non-scoutable nations are white? I've never been the Senegal, but I'm betting the "new" Mane is not a bald white guy. And that the "new" Koulibaly is not a bald white guy who looks identical to the new Mane.
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    Wow, that sounds awful. A team without a goalkeeper?

    The AI transfer system is really poor, I also receive huge €80M offers for my players from teams like West Bromwich etc., and it just seems unrealistic and poorly made.

    And several seasons in, the bugs and the players available are just too weird. I love the first seasons though. Taking charge of some team and developing it with the right players and the right formation. But two, three or four seasons in, there is really not anything left.
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