I have a dream.

If someone were to do the necessary legal stuff, come to an agreement with EA and get hold of the platform for clubs, invest a bit of time and money in it, and build a standalone title that just focused on clubs with more options in terms of your player, gamer face, kit, boots, balls, stadium, subs, manager mode, you name it… which presumably just about every Fifa Pro Clubs player would enjoy/support… which version of clubs (year) was the best in terms of actual game play?


  • Doolallyfrank
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    Preach brother Musket!

    Was it 14 that was the challenging one where you had to do very specific things to boost your pro? If they did a hybrid of that and the current grid then I'd be stoked
  • 14 was good if I recall correctly but I'm trying to remember what the go to thing in it was..? You know, there was/is always something that gets spammed (chipped through ball and so on).
  • SirSkinner
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    12 was pretty good in terms of gameplay, no real go to thing to exploit, iirc the best way to play was fluid A passes in and around the box, but I didn't play any less that 6 man back then so....
  • The problem w PC14 was the drip in matches. If u did 50 dribbling you get this and if u do .... u get it. Players i drop ins only did the things they wanted to boost. Awful dropin games.
  • But i line the idea of having a seperate game of proclubs. And develop another engine who work more accurate in that kind of gameplay mode. So you can challenge a specifik player in speed or headers in a more realistic way.
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