another ai defending thread

since the latest patch all im getting is constant AI defending rubbish

every game in the stats my opponent has like 5 or less tackles but yet the ai takes ball off me constantly

last game i had 23 tackles and the other guy had 2 tackles whole game .. yet the ai constantly ran into me taking the ball perfectly

how the hell do they do that? as when i leave my ai to defend they just stand there

its getting a joke now


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    thats why i bought varane ramos and courtois, i can already feel greater stability at the back
  • i have ucl handanovic. if chiellini if koulibally with keane sitting infront

    players aint the problem. i mean i just played a guy there with basic bpl team

    fabinho just sat infront of his back 4 cutting all passes while he controlled another midfielder

    he done 1 manual tackle the whole game

    i had 27 manual tackles

    beat 6-4
  • gave up tonight as not only are people ripping the pish with no look 30 yard timed finnesse and only controlling there attacker while defending they think they are great doing it waching every replay and f king goal kick replay

    games a joke
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