HE HELP! First ever, worst ever players swap.


I'm playing Fifa 19 like the most of players from day one. I played all fifa from 98 and i never be so anger on it.
I wanted to learn something new about UT so i tried option "Let's get started" just to learn how to swap players for packs (as i thought...) . I did my first players swap and for sure the worse and the stupidest ever. Players like: Nainggolan, Koulibaly, Immobile, Belloti, Callejon, Matuidi, Benatia are gone... Instead of them i get my dream bronze packs. I will be never spamming "A" button again without properly reading warning.

Ask to EA, is there is any possibility to turn it back?... I just lost minimum one month of playing few hours a week...


  • hhoverflow
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    "Sorry for the inconvenience. Here is a bronze player pack for you".

    Fifa PC is full of cheaters dude, EA just doesn't care. Move to console, there you have cheaters but its a bit better.
  • Kropeko
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    Yeah, they support is the worst. I'm not so sure are people which they working there are problem or EA **** on them and do not provide any tools to make gamers happy.

    This is **** politic of EA. SHAME. They are shiting on loyal players who get victim by game. Who would like to swap his best players worth together 200k+ for nothing! For bronze pack worth 0... Squad buildier chose those players automatically to swap for bronze ****. What a fail from fifa game to make possible swap your stars, just on beginning of your journey with swapping for NOTHING.

    What support told me? "We felt sorry, we can not do anything" and after that quick bye.

    Well I'm leaving Fifa for good. And my new hobby is to convincing players to do the same. Let's **** on them.
  • Psyclon13
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    You said it yourself: "I will be never spamming "A" button again without properly reading warning".
    It sucks, but you only have yourself to blame. As much as EA is to blame for many, many other things, in this case you did not pay attention to the warning that they provided. You will know for next time, if there is a next time. Cheer up and move on!
  • Kropeko
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    Well i dont see logic in sending first squad players to the space. That's why i blame game as I blame myself. And those warmings don't say, you will lose those players with no return. I dont remember it well right now but they say something like "would you like to submit" and that's it. For someone who is beginner and make his first swap it can be surprising that your players can be gone for nothing.

    EA should to take care about players with tools which can fix that stupid mistakes and allow players to make emergency backup.

    Why not?
  • Psyclon13
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    It explicitly states:
    "Players will be permanently removed from your Club in exchange for rewards. Are you sure you want to submit this Squad?"

    Why were you not careful?

  • Habits are hard to kill. "A" button is well spammed in fifa.

    Anyway thank you for your message.
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