Its something wrong with gameplay today -player reactions slow...

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Its only me or everyone have **** gameplay today slow reactions - this game is sick - sometimes work great sometimes slow


  • Binary
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    Game is a different speed every time you play... EA didn't make enough money to upgrade the servers to provide the service promised.

    Maybe after TOTY they will have made enough millions to spend something on the game... doubt it though this is EA
  • Gloria_ou_Morte
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    Yep, sometimes I feel the other team is 2x faster than me, can't understand the game, there is no balance.
    One game my players are fast and proactive, and the next game are sluggish as ****.
  • HDouble
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    I don’t get this either one game my players unstoppable making allsort of runs next game every simple pass goes astray players fee like they have weights on the feet and can’t move. This is one of my main frustrations about this game
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