Tell me what formation i should be using?

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Been rocking the 442 flat for a while now, with some succes, but i am not the man that likes cutting in with my wide players and not much of a skiller, i am Looking for that formation that offers good passing options, because that is my strong point, please tell me what i should choose, and maybe offer me some tactics and instructions to go with that formation thanks in advance!!


  • ZiaFC
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    I have been liking 4231 formation alot since fifa 18, its worth a shot to see if you like it, got to have some good CAM or CF to use in it though.

    Only instructions i really feel are important is have 1-2 CAM stay forward
    CDM cut passing lanes one to stay back on attack or two if you opt to have your fullbacks overlap.

    If you like to cross the ball into the box I would have the fullbacks overlap you will need some pace in these positions and preferably decent passing and dribbling as well. (As far as player selection goes)

    As for tactics I would start with the default possesion tactics and adjust from there depending on how you want to play but using the possesion settings will give you a good base line to adjust from.
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