Training 🌟 Ratings

Let's talk about training variety...
Personal I'd like to get better at skill moves but I only get so much time to play so I focus on career mode progress Or the journey.
I do Play all training sessions because I want to get the most progress out of a player per season as possible.
So image this... You are able to improve a player's skill 🌟 rating by playing a skill move tutorial training sessions, but a player would normally practice there tricks in there own time as a training session is more of a team effort to improve player ratings.
Here is where the fun comes in...
Before every game the teams comes out to warm up infront of the fans so lets change the training sessions before games to an expression of freedom where the team you selected to play goes out onto the field within the stadium with multiple drills going on & you can switch between between players to select who you control to potentially upgrade there skill moves. Eg. Perform all of the 3 🌟 skill moves 5 times with a player who has a 3 🌟 skill rating & they go up to a 4 🌟. This would be logged like the achievements show up on the screen.
That's not all I'd like to see because there is also a week foot 🌟 rating & I don't think there are enough goals scored from crossing as there is in real life so here is my suggestion...
In the weekly training sessions you should be able to select Crossing, Free kicks OR penalties etc. And then choose which foot the player is to use. Over time this would bump up there weak foot 🌟 rating.
This could also relate to position change because I don't know about everyone else but I have more LW then RW in my squad and for a player to come inside and shoot or outside and cross would create amazing versatility.

To all you career mode fans... Respect!


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