Some of the Fifa community are lovely

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Someone just gifted me a much needed win on fut champs. I wanted to thank them but i missed their name. I payed it forward with my two remaining games, even my opp shushing my own goal on the last one couldn't damage my restored faith in the community. Cheers stranger


  • azza452
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    Same happened to me today, they kicked off, scored an own goal then quit
  • Seanregal
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    I remember last year us all helping each other out with various objectives. The St Patricks one springs to mind. EA have broken that this year with objectives all including a win.
  • ArsleWenger
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    Thats the spirit boy!!
  • Seanregal
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    Just saw your other thread too, was about to thank you, even if it wasn't you the gestures appreciated
  • GreezyWeezyLDN
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    edited January 7
    I was last week but the 2nd person ran the length of the pitch and dabbed after I scored the own goal so I changed my mind and beat him 3-1. Silly boy.
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