Not a single transfer offer receive

As a player i have been playing for 2 seasons, and requested for transfer for one season already. With the overall 88, i didnt get even one single offer. There should be some bugs or mistakes.
Can somebody help me pls?


  • Severini wrote: »
    Can somebody help me pls?

    Nobody can help you, it's the way it is. It was the same **** in FIFA 18.
  • WizardMD
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    That's been happening to me since I got the game (release date), so basically I played like 2 seasons with Atlanta United, and since there are no contracts well I just decided to move on and transfer myself (dumbest thing ever) so I clicked on transfer, I was playing until I get to the transfer window, so I thought I would get many offers since my price was like $50,000,000 and my OVR was like 87, I just received ONE offer from Barcelona... I didn't want to play with them so rejected it waiting for something else... and nothing. It's frustrating
  • how did you you transfer yourself? Can you tell me how to do it? Its really frustrating coz nobody has answered me yet. WTF
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