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When you play your pro career you do well you would be approached by a scout say Man U you get option to talk or ignore

If you talk and play for a rival say Liverpool it would leak to the press that you have talked and other clubs would be attracted or put off that a big club is interested.

Liverpool club and fans would be annoyed

You should have short term goals as well as season goals if you fail them the manager would look at loaning you out if you hit them you become a full starter and eventually captain.

And some would hate but others would love I got injured and was out for 12 weeks just skipped. I would like to see a physio session where you have to get strength back and fitness up and maybe if you do very well like gold in the sessions your player gains a single boost in an area of your choice as a reward.

Could be skipped
Like a bleep test or skipping etc mini games

Too many red cards managers office given notice you’ll be released with nevitive news affects interest of future clubs.

Just so you feel like your actions have reactions

It’s nice to be emerssed EA

Leave the journey and create simple negitive and positive consequences for player and managers in career mode.
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