Has anyone replaced Josef with Tevez?

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My SBC finger is getting twitchy!

I’ve got plenty of Argentinians so links wouldn’t be an issue, just don’t want to have another Sturridge on my hands!


  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    No way, Josef
  • AFC_95
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    Nope. Not splashing out 150k for a sub when I have Josef.
  • Kirin
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    Yep I replaced Martinez with Tevez as my supersub and he feels so much better. The long shots and the strength to hold off defenders are the biggest improvements I noticed
  • GreezyWeezyLDN
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    I have both. I like Josef but Tevez us soooooo much better. Icon level player. 24 goals in 16 WL games for me an I'm not a great player
  • Boysie91
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    If Depay and FB pato> Josef
  • Alex_cr
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    Boysie91 wrote: »
    If Depay and FB pato> Josef

    Didn’t do Pato and have SBC Depay but I like him at CF and I’m not using a formation with CF at the moment.

    Plus I’m a real fan of SBC Salvio so the Argentina link is tempting.
  • Josef was poor for me, put him into the Tevez sbc to lower the cost great decision as Tevez is different class.
  • Delvinho
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    Josef is a good card
    Tevez is noticeably better
  • Alex_cr
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    I’m being tempted into this...
  • regia5bg
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    Played 3/4 times against Tevez as supersub. Never impressed me, scored just one (tap in) and never had particular troubles against him. He's not different than Lozano and Martinez regarding his impact against me.
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