Here is something else to be fixed...

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Just played a game in which part of the opponents strategy included "taking out" (via slide tackle), not the ball carrier, but the most obvious/dangerous passing target without consequences (e.g., a card, a penalty)

For example, if your RW is coming down the wing with the ball and the RCM make a run in the channel between the LCB and the LB, you might want to find him with a pass. This opponent would switch to the LCB, slide tackle the oncoming RCM, taking them out of the play. Leaving your RW on an island with more difficult options, if any. Since there does not seem to be fouls called for "off the ball" action, this is an effective "dirty" tactic.

I have seen people manually control players off the ball to impede the run of a striker (like in a 1-2) but this was far more onerous and deliberate.

I believe in EA fixing ref issues like I believe in aliens..... I believe it is possible, I have just never seen it. Just an FYI for anyone who cares.
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