Why EA's Fifa will lose potential new customers!

It seems to me that EA is forgetting about us the loyal customers that have been playing since forever. In my case I have played fifa religiously since 1999 and always been one of these guys that buys the game within 15 days of its release date.

I understand the shift in the gaming world as everything tend to evolve or devolve with time, however, we the career mode players have been less and less attended to. Many things have improve over the years but it seems like many features that made the game enjoyable and given the fact that the then technology was not as advanced as today. I truly feel like the guys at EA are just trying to please more their shareholders than the actual customers.

EA needs to understand that many markets that were irrelevant are becoming more relevant than before as most of the world is being connected to the internet. My point is that in Africa and middle east region, many players play fifa religiously and as the connectivity situation is being improved, it can have a backlash on EA customers loyalty by the time they realize that their lack of improvement of the offline mode will lose them many customers.

If Fifa is not catering to their consumers in the first world. They are potentially losing loyalty that they are unaware of in the emerging markets.

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