Career mode overall -1 fix

Anyone find a workaround or fix for overall -1 bug? I know it came with a certain update past month. Anyway I can get original version without the update that messed everything up? Like if I reinstall and then don’t update. And I transfer my old save files. I know I won’t be able to play online but I rarely do anyway.

I only play pro clubs and career mode, haven’t touched the game in months. Came back last week to play pro clubs, and the shittiest goals go in (I should make a montage of the dumbest goals this **** ea company sells us) so I’m over playing online. Just couple days ago, I started career mode back up and found the bug, ea literally fail me every time. Won’t be buying next years game.


  • Any ideas? This forum dead
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    KuRupT1 wrote: »
    Any ideas? This forum dead

    Career Mode is dead.
  • I made a case to EA about career mode even player career mode you can't improve your player obviously EA love their money at FUT
  • patch bring a bug and no explanation ,no action,how could one person do that,so shamed!!!
  • I just came across this myself and knowing I'm not the only one who knows I thought I'd share my findings on this glitch.

    I found when training a play to move up 1 in there overall rating they stayed the same. I then continued to look at players with almost full training bars that would go up 1 overall rating by just advancing to the next month and the bar would advance but there overall would stay the same.

    my experiment continued by selecting the players effected in all 5 training sessions and simulating training & simulating ahead 2 months making sure to repeat the simulated training each week. I found that as long as they got some training there overall would jump back up to where it should be in a very random fashion.

    My advice is to share the training equally amongst your hole squad

    here is a video of the rise in overall rating. A little long and tedious but if you watch from 3:05 - 3:35 you will see Fosu-Mensah jump from 75 - 76 in the middle of March.

    If you watch from 5:00 to 6:15 you can see Pulisic jumps from 81 -82 & Grimaldo jumps from 83 - 84 while there training bar rises as normal.

    What a shame that EA is loosing interest in the Career mode of Fifa. Bring back stadium upgrades with guided tours before each game.

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