Is Fifa Community Toxic?

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Idk from my experience every other game I get messaged horrible things by my opponent. Do you guys get the same?


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    Yep. Had a guy beat me 5-4 and he shushed me every goal and dabbed whereas I skipped all mine.

    He wasted time from 70-90th min lucky I snatched it off him equalized game went to ET and he scored in the 105 and wasted time all 15 mins after that

    Messaged me after the game “gg intense game I’m the better player” to which I simply said “smd”

    In saying that though, there are some genuine nice guys out there which is refreshing to see love having a chat about a really solid or competitive game we shared
  • Aspral
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    Not as bad as it was. The amount of shusshing dabbers has decreased to what it used to be.

    Still the hate messages are there but Xbox microsoft are a bit more likely to discipline people who go over the line.

    My funniest so far is a guy that decided to tell me he makes 80k a year when I beat him with absolutely no connection to anything.
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    Some guy messaged me that he would rip me to shreds irl and also hoped that my mother got cancer
  • Played 20 WL so far and everybody watched celebrations and the replays.

    As toxic as it gets
  • TheDinhoKid10
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    Yes 100%
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    AA1020 wrote: »
    Idk from my experience every other game I get messaged horrible things by my opponent. Do you guys get the same?

    Man in the past you really would see how toxic the community is.. i think it was like fifa 16 or something after every game threats curses etc. Now its harder to message so we dont get as much.
    The fact is unfortunately the majority of fifa players are idiots.
  • Ben
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    Yes . I had to disable all messages on the PlayStation
  • Retro1989
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    Yes, most toxic community i've seen.
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    Yes. And if anything the way everything has rewards attached to it has made it worse.

    Worst case was some dork during the score German goals and win the match achievement where he equalised me in the 60th min and just rage quit and proceeded to send message laughing at me. A few others also dabbed me and rage messaged me to quit and stop wasting their time during that too.

    Before it was rage for using cheap pacey players, now literally everything is a rage trigger. It's at a record low where EA's own ambassadors abuse their opponents on stream aka that fat useless moron Castro who'd be stocking shelves at a supermarket all his life without FIFA. And this is a role model for kids who play FIFA.
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    Worst community by far. Really it is one of those games where it is ALL about winning. I never really played weekend league due to toxcity on line. Started playing this year (this is my 3rd weekend) won't buy fifa or play WL again tbh
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