Flashback players.

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I'm guessing it's too late for this year, so for next year, wouldn't it be great if the flashback players had links to the club or league that their flashback card is from ?

Example - Flashback Pato should have links to AC Milan players or even better yet would be Serie A in general.

I don't know what the easiest way of doing this is, but I'm thinking if they just changed the club on the card from the players current one to the one he played for during the flashback season.

Thoughts ??


  • BanterMarc11
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    Would be hard with licensing
  • Dolph
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    Would be hard with licensing
    Licensing has nothing to do with EA’s form of chemistry, I think they could give green links without changing the club crest, and yes I agree that would be good, I think more people would do them. I have not done one yet this year because of it
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