Flashback Tevez Fail

Trying to submit the SBC Flashback Tevez - La Albiceleste - and everytime I submit a valid squad I get disconnected from UT with a message about "an error connecting to FIFA Ultimate Team." This is not the first SBC it's happened to either. It's an absolute joke. EA doesn't care about the switch users


  • Aaron2
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    I had this problem with Marquee Matchups. Try boosting the chemistry
  • ZiaFC
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    Its because of the formation either boost chem or build a team that will fulfill the chem requirements for both formations if you look up the sbc on futbin you can find which formation, but the formation they are using will not be on the switch edition so find one that is the closest to it and use that as a guidline for which players you can use.
  • idtn
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    edited January 5
    You can try this. It can help. Use the same positions. You must have 10 players in squad with loyal.
  • Cervelo
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    Yup, I did it with 100 chemistry, it's a pain.
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    EA took the word "puzzle" to another level with the Switch SBC's this year. They post the requirements, and the users has to guess a plus for the solution. Really crappy situation...
  • Cervelo
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    I think I do them by chance sometimes, as I use an untradeable item and they happen to be the right position. Like using a cdm in a CM position.😂
  • Does this work with 100 Chen then don’t want to waste any more coins if it doesn’t ?
  • Cervelo
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    It did for me, as was able to do this with a 100 chemistry team.
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