Finesse is now a complete joke.

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It’s every game now. 15 of 19 goals conceded in the 10 games played are outside the box finesse shots.

It’s boring now.


  • OZero
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    Bored since November for me
  • DevineAaron
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    Yeah I've notice that a lot lately. I run through the defenders and score fairly in the box. Meanwhile 5 mins later he just takes a random quick finesse shot outside and it goes in. It's annoying because it's the one place on the pitch where the players don't press around.
  • Glupi86
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    I must be playng a different FIFA so....

    almost 2/3 the shots are green timmed finesse:


    AI defence autoblocks that is a complete joke, for me.
  • Roc_Xel
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    Today I lost a game 5-4 in OT where opponent had 7 shots on target against 18 or so for me.

    All of his 5 goals were finess NOT EVEN TIMED all from the same place, right outside of the box , in the middle (right after the half circle at the end of the box).

    I have DDG in goal but he just scored almost everytime from there with the likes of Mane and Aguero. Not even timed, just regular quick finess shots.

  • Aspral
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    They're awfully overpowered but learn GK movement and it's completely different.
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