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    And how to report those cheaters, it's just my word i have no proof.

    I have seen it in WL and Rivals quite a lot.

    you can record your games ( screen capture software ) some also use their mobiles or stream their games so they have the proof .

    Reporting does work - now people have more knowledge of what they are looking for in players that cheat - reports from different people rather than just the odd report will mean that accounts get flagged and then checked and banned .

    they ban people in weekend league ( EA ) because the games are recorded and can easily be reviewed .

    the idea of this thread is to bring all the cheating methods to the attention of the community so that more of these cheaters can be reported , banned and the cheating exploits be patched .
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    Sorry for being sceptical :) Had an experience just nw

    sorry to read that you have encountered these people . please report the origin ID and we can get their accounts flagged up for review .

    when reporting - explain what happened and put the time , date and game mode .
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    Please list all the cheating methods :smile: Lets start cleaning FIFA
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    Please list all the cheating methods :smile: Lets start cleaning FIFA

    the main elements are:-

    1) Legacy Defending - Game needs to be paused for this to be activated
    2) TP goal ( which i believe stands for touch player - might be incorrect ) causes a goal to be scored and the game disconnects ( not 100% on this but this i believe causes the game not to count for you as if it has never been played but the opponent gets the win - looks like a server glitch and you carry on unaware you have been cheated ) this is the most used method in draft .
    3) instant match - game disconnects but you get the loss even when you are winning ( think this causes the game under review message )
    4) golden goal method - opponent scores and wins and the servers are made to believe that the match completed in a normal fashion - this is used at the same time with TP goal .
    5) timed finishing .

    these are the main things alongside chemistry cheating - harder for a player to notice but they have invented a method that changes the club ID of a player to give all players 'green hyper links' which to the opponent appear to be bad chemistry .

    for instance playing la liga ramos next to bpl VVD with 86 lala at rb and alex sandro at left back appears to have bad chemistry but in fact they are cheating to give them 10 out of 10 links .

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    I am going to close this now as we're starting to talk a bit more about the specifics of how people are cheating. While this isn't 1:1 with promoting cheating, it's dangerous and not entirely okay territory to be wading into. Let's leave that chatter off the forums, thanks.
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