@Ea_Andy Please give us an answers.

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@EA_Andy I know it's not your fault, but you're a messenger.
1. Why have you reduced dropping stamina while constant pressure tactics again? To make it easier for you if someone is using team pressing on full game it supposed to be fully dead (no stamina at all on the bar) by 60' (for players <80stamina) and by 70' (for players 95stamina like Kante). Completely empty stamina bar should also affects players much more than it is now. If someone is without energy at all should be barley able to run with half of his regular pace. (Empty stamina bar = all stats are decreasing by half or more)
2. Why AI deffending is also back after the last patch?
3. Why in general you implementing changes that affects game mechanics and not mentioning about it in the patch notes?
4. Is there any hope that EA fix their servers ever to have the same consistent gameplay all the time? The game it's unplayable regardless of any game mechanics like 80% of the time because of that?

It would be nice to have an answer even if it is:

Thank you in advance.


  • I agree with all of these the last question is the most frustrating of all and would be the biggest fix to most of the problems with the game, having gameplay consistent would improve the game massively because right now it is not enjoyable at all
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    Totally agree mate. Patch 5 addressed the main issues, only for them to break it again
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