EA, It's in the game

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NOT a moaning thread

*Invisible skating Matuidi:
you can see how the ball went through him and then he skated to make space for the goal (kick off)

*Free PK
I don't know why Handanovic did it

*this one for fun
look at this crazy assist from Firmino


  • Empyrium7
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    it's sad that these stuff are just normal now for FIFA 19 players
  • dododada
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    yeah every weekend league i also record like 10 or more goals like this.. when the game decided its going to be a goal pretty much there nothing to stop it.. ball passing trough keeper and defender foot well no wonder so many people hate this game.. at least make it fair and square with no bqd gameplay so even when i lost i dont feel cheated
  • Renamed123456
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    Dat assist tho
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