Servers and game play

This game is actually the worst online gaming experience I have ever had, and I been gaming for years. The play of the game, more times then not, reminds me of when ps2 sold an attachment to hook up via a phone cable to connect to the online world to play. That is the amount of latency and inconsistent play coming through. I follow the community on many social media networks, and pro players, and everyone, not some, every frieking one is saying the same thing, that the servers, connectivity, and gameplay, is the worst of all-time. Whatever they did for the new patch, simply was not good enough.

The best thing about faulty internet connection, is so many things can be blamed, so ultimately EA can say you need to have a better internet connection, and your ISP needs to be examined, and blah blah. But honestly, way to many people complained about this, and it's clearly something on EA's end. Most pro's or those who know what they are talking about, blame it on the EA servers. So my question is, why won't EA fix their servers or look at this issue?

I think we all need to start asking ourselves, is if it's worth it anymore.
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