Cheaters in Fifa 19 FUT Draft on Origin

Hi guys :)
Tonight i have entered a draft via coins . I have built my team and headed str8 to the games . I won my first two games than i went for the next one . Happy and confident i saw a 83 ovrl team with 48 chem. on my load screen . That was a bit fishy i tho . Heading into the game the refferee has blown the first signal , the guy was on the kick off and he passed the ball. Immediatly after that he (or she) left the game and the game told me that the game result is under investigation and i am going back to the draft menu . Entering the draft menu the game had calculated me lost from the game and my draft was over .... I said to myself okay thats 1 of 1000 players i will get my rewards and chill , than i went for another draft .Like before i have built my team than i went for the first game (the team was fire tho). Guess what another guy doing the same thing. I lost another 15k coins . I went for a third draft also the same story but this time heading into the game after the refferee blow the guy havent disconnected himself , but dissconnected me . My screen froze and i was like what the F*** is going on here . And now i am here typing that like a crybaby looking for his refound but guess what either you refound me something or give me some packs does not matter . This thing is showing that the game is cheatable which is unfair for players like me which are trying all their best to improve in the game . I am playing like 2 weeks to upgrade 1 player and i just lost 50 k for no reason , on the other hand this guy is entering the game and cheating all the way up to the best team or whatever. Please EA take care of that . You can see my games history you can check everything . Do all the best to get rid of this cheaters which is very very unfair for the clean players . Have a good night and a wonderfull new year.
Whishing u all the best , Anton!


  • Yes i agree, but this glitch is there from the beggining of this game, i am not able to play draft on pc because every time i ended draft like that, opponent with no chemistry and my game brake down and after i go back to FUT that beautiful sign : ,,It seems like you have disconected...'' i absolutely dont understand how EA has not fixed it yet, and its just in DRAFT nowhere else, so that means there is some bad settings in draft that can be probably easily removed, but EA dont care about their consumers, on PC mostly. They just care about sale of fifa points, but why i would buy fifa points again when i put them into draft and i met cheater in 1st round and lose all of it, i dont know if ea even reads these comments, but it will be really nice from them to remove that glitch which is there 3 months.
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