Skill Moves in My Career mode

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My player in Career mode won’t do any skilled moves, the rest of the team do, but by player doesn’t. I’m playing the full team so I’m able to use skilled moves on the other players but not ‘me’. Why? Do u have to get to a certain level before you can use them?


  • I have same issue.. A read on internet, that my player should has 2 star skills on start of his career
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    Not 100% certain on this but I don't think there's any way to increase your player's Skill Moves in Manager Career Mode. Unlike in other game modes you don't have the opportunity to unlock upgrades by passing challenges or accomplishments.

    If you are creating a player on the Create Player screen for later use in Manager Mode focus on his Dribbling and Agility attributes.

    50 or less Dribbling gives him 2* Skill Moves (I think it's impossible for him to have 1*).
    51-70 Dribbling gives him 3* Skill Moves.
    71-99 Dribbling alone gets him 4* Skill Moves.
    81+ Dribbling and 76+ Agility gets him 5* Skill Moves. The effect from Agility only kicks in at this late stage.

    You could edit your player to your desired level of Skill Moves this way, unfortunately this would mean you'd then need to start a new Career Mode with him. It WOULD be nice to be able to train weak foot and skill moves in the mode itself though.
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