Would you buy FIFA 20?

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I play FIFA since the end of 1990s, but tbh now I would think twice about buying another one.
The majority of the threads on the forum created over past week are about awful gameplay, last patch is a bad joke.


  • Jeyrus
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    Always, since it is the only football game.
  • Aspral
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    It was going in the right direction but they revert it as always.

    It's so broken and it's 2019 tomorrow...

    It's been broken for years and the same issues still exist. I can't see how I'll buy 20. I only bought this one because of game sharing.
  • Honestly ea really need to pay attention to this. Look at us, there are so many threads on here complaining about the game. Does this not ring alarm bells for ea? This weekend I’ve had 11 disconnects from my 25 games and only achieved 9 wins. This has nothing to do with my connection, currently have the fastest internet broadband in Australia. Ea really need to listen to our desperate cries or else they will be the ones losing out in the long run when we all quit.
  • Carlos181
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    If they remove timed-shooting yes. AI defending is annoying, but can be broken.
  • Guillotine_Mack
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    If I do I won't spend any money on packs, that's for sure.
  • CeeQue
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    I won't for sure will ride 19 till the end.
  • joehuk
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    I think fifa 19 is my last.

    I'm not going to fall for the demo gameplay every year only to be given a repeated fifa 19 2 weeks after release.

    If and it's a big if I do end up getting fifa 20 It will be when it's less than 20quid
  • Batman442
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    Hell no, got duped into it this time by my friends, saying it was brilliant. Now none of them play it, and I regret getting it, while I do enjoy football games I think I'm outgrowing all the BS that comes with it
  • Cornushon
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    Probably yes. But only after NY.
  • I SiR MartY I
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    Will buy it in the hope its better than the the garbage that is FIFA 19 but will be buying a physical copy so if its the same broken mess, I can trade it in and get a few ££ back.

    FIFA is that bad now that its forcing me to buy my first ever physical Xbox game in the hope I don't get burned by another terrible FIFA game.
  • greif44
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    Jeyrus wrote: »
    Always, since it is the only football game.
    I see that many people got to the point where gameplay is not enjoyable any longer.
  • Retro_G
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    No, enough is enough. My ping is too low for this game to ever run consistently. I know that sounds backwards, but that's how it goes with Fifa, you're put at a disadvantage for having a good connection.

    Big Youtubers who play on a high ping like Krasi, throw a hissy fit when they've one unresponsive game. While people like myself, who're playing with a low ping of 10ms are playing the majority of their WL games with unresponsive stuck in mud gameplay.
  • Noob_FC
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    Nope... 19 is Last one
  • L1vingl1fe
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  • zzachzx1
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    Jeyrus wrote: »
    Always, since it is the only football game.

  • Raider
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    nope, didnt buy the 18, so i bought 19 in hopes they fixed things, they didnt, they will always find a way to make this game ****, and know I am certain of this, so Im out
  • madwullie
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    Probably. I like football games and love the fut concept. Doubt I'll throw as much money at it next time round though.
  • madwullie wrote: »
    Probably. I like football games and love the fut concept. Doubt I'll throw as much money at it next time round though.

    Same here.

    I learned this FIFA that FP is not worth is after the first month of release, as the market is already overfilled with highrated players and the pack weight is so so low. No point in buying packs, not even SBC is worth it anymore, unless you want a player.
  • VARD67876
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    I think the real factor is how many people are still buying fifa points, everyone will give in a try the game each year.

    I've spent a total of 35 quid on the game and still have no desire to spend anymore, the last 5 years i would normaly be £500 quid deep at least by now.

    Those ratios hurt more than people not buying the game in the first place, somehow i doubt it's common tho.
  • ChelseazazSwe
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    Will buy fifa 20 for sure but i love to see the new game engine with better dribbling style or like in fifa 16.
  • Anarki301
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    No way, actually no **** way, after this year it's clear to me that the direction this game is taking is completely opposite of what I would consider a decent game, so, there is no more place for me in fifa franchise, maybe I will check it out, but I don't see myself playing fifa like I used to, ever again.
  • Mc_chigby
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    Usually purchase it every year with the excitement of another FUT cycle, however might give it a break this time around. Battlefield 5 should have some fun DLC out by September 2019 and got Hitman 2 for free the other day so have that to play somepoint.

    I spend more time on SBC's this year than playing the game which kinda tells me everything I need to know.
  • Duncan1972
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    Not in the state it’s in.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
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    Yes unfortunately.
  • TheFreshOne3
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    First and last fifa for me. A company who makes a vast amount of money making a laggy game that literally requires you to play through it if you want an altimeter team is crazy. Pack weights sucks, if you spend a lot of money who should be gaurenteed atleast a handful of very decent players but that just isn’t how it works and it’s mindboggling, AI obviously majorly OP, I feel most the time I’m playing against a load of people who have so much bottled up anger and are unhealthy. They feel the need to purposely TRY and get into your head with cocky celebrations, watch all the replays, press start and wait for no reason, abuse the mechanics. The sportsmanship or shall I say lack of sportsmanship puts me off. I skip all replays and do not celebrate unless I’m playing one of those players and just go the LT Down Down celebration. I check my phone and even have a little munch or smoke while they actively and pointlessly believe a celebration and replay will effect me. It just gives me a minute to recalibrate
  • Boozad
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    Yes I’ll get it. Haven’t played really since 08 so I’m enjoying it again.
  • I played Fifa 95 through to 2003? I then switched to Pro Evo and stuck with it until Fifa 10 came out. I've so far stuck mostly with FIFA since then (buying the odd PES) but this will 100% be my last Fifa for a while based on my experience with 18 and 19 so far.
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    I like to think I wont... but I will. It's the best representation of something I love (by this i mean all the licences etc, the presentation)
  • TheFreshOne3
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    I do look forward to seeing what EA purposely left out of this game as a marketing tool for the next one though 🤙🏽
  • OfficerJimlahey
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    All hinges on the next patch for me. If they make it how it was 2 patches ago, I’m happy to get it. If they continue on this pathway then they would have made their intentions clear that this is no longer a skill based football game and there is no way I’d buy it again.
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