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Timed finishing is no skill gap

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edited December 2018
Seriously how do people think this makes a skill gap? Playing in div 2/3 it's horrific, no one miss times a finesse ever, EVERY one green, makes actual player stats useless. You can be awful at the game but if you can green finesse shots constantly you will win and score loads. Honestly I may never touch rivals again, at least for a while, win or lose, a stressful unenjoyable experience. Timed finishing has ruined the game.

I'm not saying I dominate every game, far from it but so many games I'll make the more/better actual chances and end up losing because of a jammy finesses.

Played some games today instead of WL and 80% of the goals I conceded in rivals were finesse outside the box. I know how to move my keeper but you can't stop them all, first time finesse still a thing, they are literally undefendable.

A skill gap on this game is and should be creating actual chances, not spamming timed finesse with out even breaking people down.

And now we're stuck with it until fifa 20 brand new "gimmick"


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