Who is Better choice Butrageno Prime or Prime Raul ?

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Im need good icon Striker and Prime Butrageno costs now 1.9 M for tradable

Untradable Raul from SBC 1.6 M - But example for around 2 Milons we can make Raul + example Kean or Campbel utradable sbc .

Starting with Rui Costa SBC - 600K so same prize like chepest icon in market now - next put Costa icon in Raul SBC = packs for free - after finish Raul SBC we got secund part of packs and in the end after finish Kean ( 620k ) or Campbel ( 680k ) SBC last part of packs so from all this packs from 3 icons sbc shoud be at lest 100 k up to 200 k ? return So basicly is same ?prize for tradable Burageno 1.95M and untradable Raul + secund Icon from sbc ( Campbell or Kean )


  • Butragueno is shorter and faster, more of abget in behind striker who can finish with both feet. Good jumping and heading as well but height is a disadvantage.

    Raul is a bit taller and better in the air, yet not quite as fast. 4 star combo is pretty nice as well.

    Raul took me some time to figure out how to unlock his potential, El Butre is a lot more straight forward.
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