FIFA 19 - Massive Disappointment

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Honestly 19 is absolute trash, trash is a very good word to describe the gameplay.

Now granted when it plays well and is smooth with no BS it can be quite enjoyable but this is super rare.
Never has a fifa game had so many issues, such incompetence behind the scenes, such random BS and crap in game, RNG etc. Its an actual embarrassment to play most of the time. Patches and gameplay are secretly reverted, other in game goings on are tweaked while you play, AI is overpowered yet also bad and inconsistent, finishing, manual tackles....I could write a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ book.

People will tell themselves otherwise but it takes 0 skill to play and win.

EA and fifa is going downhill fast, ignore the so called profit or money people are truly fed up with not just the gameplay itself but EA and fifa and its direction.

I said in a few other posts tonight after some of the worst gameplay I have ever experience that if I wasn't such a massive football lover and fan I would be gone, to which I am still seriously considering as my brother and many others both on this forum and not who have played for years have had enough of this hot garbage.
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