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Why do I always match up with new players !

Can anyone explain why I seem to be constantly matched up against what looks like new players yet when I play them it is obvious they are not. They have a record of 10 - 5 - 2 or similar yet they play like top division players. Am I missing something obvious here ? It is actually putting me off the game. It also only happens on PC in online seasons.


  • 41 views no comments so I must be the only person to ever notice this then eh ?
  • I have noticed it also. I assume it is because they just got the game and are working their way up. I see it all the time!
  • Tooner9
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    The only obvious thing is those new players arnt new to fifa just that game mode and they must be better than you, don't get your problem, get on with it and if can't take it don't play! Not been sarcastic at all but it's as straightforward as that
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