Having trouble with Coutinho - Any suggestions?

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I was happy when I got Coutinho but I have a really hard time to make him perform (LW).
I also have red Dembele and Asensio in the same position and they work better with lower ratings.

Anyone using Coutinho successfully with some tips? (Chem style, instructions...)


  • TheFreshOne3
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    I have him in one of my squads as LM. Linked with Marcelo LB Firmino CAM and Jesus ST. I have catalyst on him. I normally do keep forward and cut in (sometimes you can pay for that) as I do build up play and hate going out to the wings and crossing. He can be great but for me his more of a back up, I notice he is getting the rebound goals or the ones where you cut in just as he should do. I prefer Alexis Sanchez but have him in the other squad anyway. Will sell coutihno once I get IF Anderson
  • I play him LM with Hunter. Doesn't score too much but I also have Douglas Costa LF. (scores so many). But yeah I reckon he does enough for his value.
  • Manutelli
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    Had him LW in false 9 formation, lots of dribbling and especially la croquette. He is really fast of the mark. Just don't use him for the long sprints because he will get caught even though he is quite hard to get off the ball with his high dribbling.

    Instructions, get in behind and cut inside, hawk chem style. Was 1 in 2 with him and also quite some assists.
  • Paulopudasso
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    Switch to cam in custom tactics thank me later
  • Zakury
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    He plays best as a LF in a posession based team, wait til he makes an inside run and finesse shot, that's his game IRL
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