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Division rivals : Playing a game, it looks like other player loses connection. Game freezes. All players on field don't move. Most times I have left, and I end up getting penalized for some reason. This time I stayed, waiting for the game to unfreeze. After 5 min, I tried pressing pause, game paused, then resumed.

When the game resumed, it was showing me the camera view from the pause menu (Camera angle changes every 10 sec, pans from one side to another etc). I saw that instead of the players being frozen (like they are during pause), the players were moving some. So I tried to find out what player I could control, and just tried to play that way. I did this for 10-15 minutes, and then the player quit when I scored another goal.
(Players name was : Anyeloayala )

Is there anyway to avoid this bug/glitch? I'm pretty sure there are people doing this hoping the opponent player will quit after a few minutes (which is what I've done before when this happens because it looks like the game freezes).


  • ShadowofEnigma
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    No one has a reply to this?

    Yesterday I played a game, scored a goal, guy quit (or bugged, whatever).
    Game showed as ending, took me to the advance screen, and yet somehow I get a notification
    that my DNF (Did not finish) modifier will effect how much I earn per game. Most of the time I catch that they are glitching/bugging, notice my players are moving in the pause screen, and just keep playing through the moving pause screen camera (which is a pain).

    Yesterday this happened, and after 5 minutes of waiting, I said in my microphone that I have his name, I'm going to report him and he will be banned, at which point he actually quit and I was allowed to go to the advance screen without a penalty.

    What the hell? Why am I being punished for someone else taking advantage of the bugs that haven't been updated? Is there any info on this? Anything I can do to avoid it?
  • Springveldt
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    Never came across this yet but I haven’t played Rivals in over a week.
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