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Are u enjoying him? Would he suit as cam on a 4231 formation or should play behind due the work rates? Couldnt find a review around him


  • Psyke
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    I did the SBC and i quite happy with him. But i Use him as a cdm the lack of agility will probably let you down in a CAM position.

    I really think the Cdm is where you can get the most out of him, he have the size and stats to be a solid defender and when you take the ball you have a solid cdm that can score and pass the ball all around the pitch.
  • Skillzy
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    He’s terrible don’t waste your coins on this one
  • Nen
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    My biggest sbc regret of the year .

    He is terrible for me. He will not work as a cam in any way. His wr will kill him, and that doesn’t even mention the fact he is a turning circle of a tank and worse acceleration than one too...

    At cdm he just seems to slow off the mark to everything for me.

    If he is working for you, don’t change it.
  • Equinox 85
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    I like him. Use him as a LCM in a 41212(2)
  • Shshj
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    I love him personally but as you'll probably see from this thread, people seem to be 50/50 on him.

    He does what he says on the tin - strong, good defensively, has a rocket of a shot and is very good in the air. But his agility, balance, height and player model IG mean he's quite slow moving and very bulky on the ball.

    He's a top CDM or CM, I wouldn't play him at CAM. Ultimately it comes down to whether you're prepared to pay nearly 2m for a more defensive-minded midfielder at this stage of the game.
  • Carlos181 wrote: »
    Skillzy wrote: »
    He’s terrible don’t waste your coins on this one

    Was Ballack useless against F2Tekkz?

    He was no doubt responsible for all 101 losses
  • MikeyP_FC
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    Skillzy wrote: »
    He’s terrible don’t waste your coins on this one

  • Sanchezzzz
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    He’s absolutely awful don’t bother.
  • Kamilflage
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    Hes a decent CDM, using him in 4231 but I didnt do the SBC I bought him for 1.7 when the SBC came out. Some ridiculous long shots for sure, but I would hold out for Vieira if you want a CDM. As a CM I much prefer someone like Matthaus instead. Would never use him CAM
  • Eisenhardt
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    You'll hear different things from different people man. But while I like mine a lot, I don't recommend the SBC. I would have enough by now to replace him with Vieira if I didn't commit all of those coins to his SBC, and I kinda regret it if I'm being completely honest. He's not suited to play a CAM though, get yourself somebody else if the CAM position is what you need to fill.
  • Vacant
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    He’s good and a great link to POTM Reus, but is a luxury addition, if I’d tried Veron before I probably wouldn’t have done Ballack as I like him a bit more.
  • RebelRob
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    Skillzy wrote: »
    He’s terrible don’t waste your coins on this one

    The only chance you have of redeeming any respect on this forum is to post a picture of your record @Skillzy
  • BiigDee
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    Great for me at CDM and get forward. I’ve had frustrations from him when Neymar or David Silva out muscles him and pushes him over but that’s the game not him. I have him an Prime Keane and he’s miles better. Keane will go into another when the time is right.
  • Diggy
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    He’s a strong clunky tanky all rounder had the 89 for ages so knew what I was getting in the prime

    I like him
  • Muzza11
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    used him on my mates account and he is so clunky, I hated him. Makelele —>
  • Wattagunt
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    He's a cross between Vieira and de bryune for me. Perfect positional sense at CDM just sits there and sweeps up doesn't lose any 50/50s and when he has the ball can spray it with any foot. I have 1potm reus tho so was an added bonus the strong link to him.
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