Bale or Mbappe?

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with whom should I go?


  • PureFramez
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    Mbappe 100%. Bale is just so clunky
  • Amdp9
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    Mbappe no comments
  • fifaplayerbol
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    Depends on your style of play. Bale is undeniably the better shooter from outside the box, when he cuts in and finesses he is unstoppable. But when there is delay and lag he can be a pain to use.

    I haven't tried Mbappe much, but when I have he has been hit and miss. Needs a deadeye chem style as his shooting stats are poor
  • Zhen
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    Tried both for 30 WL games each. Apart from Bale’s long shots and strength, Mbappe was/is better in every other way.
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