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650k to improve

Johnny Bravo
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I've come to a point where I'm happy with my teams but I want to swap some things around just to try out new players and enjoy the game and was hoping for a little inspiration.

I always rotate two teams and these are the current teams I'm using.



The following players are untradable but I'm not overly fussed if they stay in the teams or not.

UCL Cancelo
UCL Miranda
Alex Sandro
TOTGS Parolo
Futmas Arias
UCL Godin
Scream Koke
POTM Lucas
Futmas Son

Also have untradable:

UCL Douglas Costa
UCL Sane
POTY Martinez
POTY Gignac
UCL Filipe Luis
UCL Diego Costa
UCL Sergi Roberto
UCL Kimpembe
Futswap Guilavogi
Futswap Lasagna
POTY Paulinho
Futmas Van Aanholt

Which could be used.

Ultimately I'm looking to stay 4321 with a big man up top but was thinking of getting rid of Van Basten anyway.

I'd like to keep Perisic, Son, and Cuadrado in the teams but not of the utmost importance.

Is anyone willing to inspire me at all?
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