Is Cruyff the best attacker in the game?

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I haven't got vast experience with the very top tier players, mainly because I don't buy the game at release and by the time I start playing FUT the prices have sky rocketed out of reach for the more casual least in my personal experience.

That said, I've used Ronaldo, Messi Fifa 18 FUT, and obviously, like everyone else, can use them in regular kick off, career etc...and had Maradona, Gullit, Ronaldinho, and Inzaghi in various loan spells.

But none seemed even close to Cruyff in this years game.

He is almost unstoppable.

The way he just barges players off the ball, holds it up, the pace he has, the ridiculous power of his shooting, the angles you can shoot from; he feels unlike any player I've ever used.

He's like CR7 used to feel...or should feel.

So does anyone agree?

Do I need to try out Fat Ron and Pele?

Is he overrated in your eyes?

Is he too pricey or cheap for what he gives you?

I'd really like to hear what others think of him and how he compares to those very top drawer, end game, players?

P.S also, referencing what I said about using CR7 (as an example) in regular kick off and career modes, is he the same player in those game modes as he is in FUT?

I know most better players get numerous upgrades, in the form of In Form or Champions League etc...but all things being considered if you've used him in a single match will that tell you all you need to know when deciding on whether he is worth getting in FUT?

I ask, because it sometimes feels like players are little OP in FUT, though I can't put my finger on how exactly, and it may just be my imagination.

Anyway, any thoughts?


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