Player Career Mode - EA check PES 2019 for ideas..

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Basically what the title says, as we all know Career Mode needs major improvements, both manager and player career mode.. I've recently purchased PES 2019 and its such a breath of fresh air!! Your player can actually have a contract and your club can renew it aswell as clubs offering you a contract else where, with an actual length of years including in the contract, rocket science right?? Is for EA anyway.. You can even start on the bench, this is ground breaking!! Sarcasm aside EA need to really play pes 2019 player and manager career mode and get alot of ideas from it.. I love it, such enjoyable modes, yeah the gameplay isn't as good but I'd rather have abit less quality gameplay but with great features rather than a game with very good gameplay and no enjoyable features.. You can even become captain of your club and have legend status!! You can even get your agent to try and get you a transfer to a club of your choice.. Take note EA
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