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So, I appreciate this won't be a novel discussion, but nonetheless I'm curious to see which Icons people feel are missing, that they really want to see, that they can't believe aren't in the game, or maybe those they think don't deserve Icon status?

As new Icons are added each year changing opinions and personal favourites can see the final choices as a fluid decision; at least to a degree.
I understand some, for instance David Beckham (PES), are tied up with other licences; but all that aside, who would you love to see?

They can be a personal hero, an Icon in your eyes, even if they aren't seen that way by others.
They can, and I think need, to include more goalkeepers (and to make them feel and act uniquely).
I reckon they should also have been out of professional football (at least top flight) for club and country, for at least 5 years...but that's more of criteria for a Legend, maybe, rather than an "iconic" player.

The icons I would really like to see in the next game (if not sooner🤞) are;

Zidane (need I explain?)

Peter Shilton (personal hero)

John Barnes (great dribbling and technique)

Kaka (top class in his day, must qualify as iconic...surely?)

Puyol (epic)

Valderama (great Colombia with the frizzy blonde afro)

Graeme Souness (one of the Liverpool greats, tied up in PES currently...i think)
Those are just a few of my favourites, and if any are already in the game forgive my mistake as I haven't had much time with the Icons; either on the pitch or on the market.

What are your all time Icon picks?


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