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SBC prime Rivaldo is superb

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edited December 2018
I was very sceptical/hesitant to trade SBC Keane into Rivaldo, based on forum threads as well as his 2*WF.

Well, after using him for a few days, I have to say he is amazing. A proper icon.
I'm playing him in two positions, depending on my team, at CAM and ST. (change formation in game)

One of his traits is avoid weaker foot, plus his right foot feels miles better than 2* when you do use it.
Left foot is a rocket ship that screams into the back of the net with unnerving accuracy, and he is far lighter/smoother than I was originally expecting too.

The bonus for me is that I packed some good stuff between Keane/Rivaldo SBC's, and this card probably cost me around 200k. That being said, he is worth full price regardless imo.

Keane was good, but he is does not feel like an icon should. That was my experience with him, obviously this will differ with our unique play styles, teams, positions etc.


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