Experiences after the patch

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So after the latest Patch i am having major trouble to find fun. It wasnt good before But it was still playable, but as i said right now it is just terrible.

Im facing crazy delays, my players are so lazy moving and passing the Ball. They seem to be so slow. On the other Hand the defense is so overpowered, as soon as There is a Opponent near my Player i am loosing the Ball.

I dont want to moan. I just want your experiences if this is caused by the latest Patch and the Servers or if i maybe have a Problem With my Internet Connection? I cant imagine the Game being this Bad as it is right now, wether i Win or loose


  • Empyrium7
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    the game got better lag and delay wise for my end. except some odd games where the delay is awful.
    gameplay got way worse with the AI defending back and the constant pressure with no penalty. plus the rebounds. they are way worse
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