Merry Christmas!

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Happy Holidays!
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  • McKrill wrote: »
    According to the developers

    // McKrill

    Who are these developers you speak of? Do you have direct access to these developers?
  • McKrill
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    Read following answer: "The devs have a hard stance it’s not in the game"
  • Skboseph
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    U don’t get cool points for kissing **** even the good players know the games **** w these button delay ai gliding ten feet across to block your shot... but no it’s our fault
  • Mrhey31
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    McKrill wrote: »
    I hate to say it but we often meet two types of toxic players in this forum:

    1. The ones that do it from time to time because they are not good with dealing with stress and losing and can’t acknowledge their own fault in the loss of a game. Instead they blame it on the game. According to the developers the things that often is mentioned as flaws in the game is not actually in the game. Instead the problem lies on the player, lack of skills, poor internet connection etc.

    2. The ones that do it for fun.

    In life you will meet both of these two people as well but they just are not as vocal as people hiding behind the game wall are.

    We should all work together for a reduction in toxicity in this forum!
    We all play to have fun!! Enjoy the game, if you feel so bad for a lost game, a wipe or what so ever, well maybe it is you, not the game...

    Behave and have a great day/night!

    // McKrill

    Lol it gets even more fun, you created a post a couple of date ago saying the latest patch needed patching, because its unplayable.... now your saying we need to stop blaming EA? Please get toxic Guys like McKrill of this forum.
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